Since 2006, I have been doing individual consultations with various methods, using Tarot and Rune reading, as well other methods.

Consultation Subjects - are different, including the following:  

1. Diagnosis of physical and energy state. Recommendations are given for self fulfillment.

2. Personal relationships - past, present and future. How people match each other, matching relationships, etc.

3. Personal portrait  - is describing how a person views herself/himself presently and how they desire to be seen by the society, and how her/his personality is objectively described. If for the time being you conduct work on yourself, then this type of consultation can be ordered in regular periods to determine  the changes and encompass own future aspirations.

4. Karmic portrait. For those who are at the subject's begin or continue towards self study and for those who are ready to use the gathered information for their personality and life development, this type of consultation is appropriate.  Unlike personal portrait, Karmic Portrait give a one time basis descriptive information what karma gave you on the date of birth. 

Karmic portrait consultations can both give you new input for self-improvement, determine unknown events from your earlier life about you and reaffirm you the oriented belief and path. This consultation can be also booked for your children of any age which will be processing and progressing the information gathared during their development and maturity process.

5. Consultation of birth date. Is analyzing energy numbers contained in your date of birth, including what the person was given on his or her birth, the positive qualities of the individual, the advantages can be taken from the numbers which can be relied upon (numerology) in order to develop yourself, the negative aspects which you are required to work on.  Recommendations are given for self-study of energy numbers related to your birthday. Additionally consultations and recommendations are offered on children birth dates for the necessary educational steps and their progress.

6. Present Moment.  In 2012 I begun with this own developed method and since then I was delighted to receive lots of positive feedback.

We are constantly engaged in doing something and have own agendas which are consciously or automatically active in our minds and bodies.  Once in a while we are required to make a full stop and fix the present in order to determine who m'I, where I am bound to and what will I be.

In comparison with Personal Portrait this type of consultation does not require preliminary questions, because here the most important  factors and cardinal points of your present life are getting laidout themselves.

7. Forecast. For long term aspects of your life I offer you booking a personal consultation forecast at the beginning of the year or on your birthday on one month or a year basis.

To successfully perform any consultation, I require a recent face photo (sober, and with open eyes), full name and date of birth. Consultations are performed for persons over 21 years old, or for children of any age with parentual approval only.


My consultations, Reiki or Karuna treatments are by no means substitute to medical advise or treatment and you must contact a Doctor or a Specialist in case of an illnesess.

Additionally, there is no guarranty given for success in any type of treatments. The success is fully depending upon yourself and God's will.