About me

My name is Elena.

The site was named Soulreiki due to the fact that since 2006 I have used the nick Soul while leading two other reiki forums.

Why reiki and me? Everybody has his own way of doing things and is guided by her and his own motivations, visions and believes. My life path has been gradual, didn't commence with the need to heal chronical health problems or difficult circumstances, it has all started because of my desire to develop myself, advance and study the world.

8 years before the first degree initiation, I have determined with certainty that in 2004 there will be something which will completely change my life. At that time I was not aware about the "reiki" terminology  and I had no idea about the event which was due to show up in my life and shape up my future.

By the way, occasionally, I've mentioned to my customers who were trained to use reiki for own purposes that their lives will be divided into two categories, namely "prior reiki" and "aftermath of reiki". Beginners reiki practicants were skeptical of such presumtion but through accumulated experiences they have concluded that these factors indeed were applicable and fully reflected realistic events.

As the time gone by, the year 2004 has approached.

By that time I was already fully introduced and acquainted with reiki through books and the Net. Gradually reiki became a rather very interesting subject to me, but due to my inability to find an initiation reiki master it narrowed down my possibilities and I have lost confidence on the needed factors. On the other hand, there were lots of doubts in my mind that reiki is anything but something simple which may additionally require own feelings in order to achieve desired results and successfully complete when practicing.

Now, considering my rich 10 years of reiki experience, I can trully say this method does not require any special qualifications, abilities or divine skills. To get reiki initiation and successfully practicing, it can be achieved by any person with no mental disabilities, regardless of age, sex, previous skills or profession.

You need to have the motivation and will to complete the training and learn techniques in order for the progressive results to show up.

Everyone will receive his own personal results. Reiki is not only a method of healing, but also a life style and a state of mind with more possibilities than those you possessed before and an open avenue to numerous ventures.

Then, I made up my mind and decided to get my first reiki degree transforming the accumulated information into practical knowledge. In other words, I have committed myself to receive reiki initiation for the universe. The events accelerated and in less than a week I discovered valuable information about reiki workshops on local newspapers.

In the aftermath  of my efforts I was given the first initiation degree, shotly thereafter in about a month time the second one followed. It has all happened in fall 2004.

In 2006 I became Reiki Master and in 2011 Karuna Master, in due course I also received initiations to other reiki types.

Since 2007 I made more than 100 initiations for all reiki degrees for students from different cities and countries.



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